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  • 10/28/12--03:10: Configuration SQL recommend
  • I need a solution


    I am having the warning V-79-40960-37914 with Symantec Backup 2010 R3.

    The DB in SQL 2008 R2 is set to Full, and the Symantec Backup is also full.

    What is the difference between a simple setup and a full, in case that the SQL fails, that type of setup would you recommend?

  • 10/28/12--06:05: Sauvegarde des VMs-ESX
  • I need a solution


    lors de la sauvegarde un message d'erreur apparu au niveaux du ESX , le suivant:

    Le SE client a rapporté une erreur lors de la mise au repos , le code d'erreur était: 4,le code d'erreur était: Quiesce aborted

    et un autre dans une autre VM:  Le SE client a rapporté une erreur lors de la mise au repos , le code d'erreur était: 5,le code d'erreur était: VssSyncStart operation failed: IDispatch error # 8455(0x80042307)


    stp si quelqu'un a une idée , m'aidée

    I need a solution

    Dears ,

    We have a problem  to backup  Farm sharepoint 2010 with backup exec 2010 R3 SP2

    We have installed backup exec 2010 R3 SP2 and the following hotfixes

    HotFix 180429

    HotFix 176937

    HotFix 191248

    the following are the log errors are still  found

    "Final error: 0xe0000316 - Unable to lock the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Farm. You must unlock the farm topology, and then retry the job.
    Final error category: Resource Errors"

    V-79-57344-790 - Error: Unable to lock the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Farm.  Check the option to release the lock on the SharePoint farm topology on the backup job properties for Microsoft SharePoint, and then retry the job.
    Directory \ was not found, or could not be accessed.
    None of the files or subdirectories contained within will be backed up.
    V-79-57344-5890 - The object was not found, or could not be accessed (Share point backup).


    "Final error: 0xe000031a - Unable to query the team database metadata.
    Final error category: Resource Errors

    For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-794"


    "V-79-57344-794 - Error: Unable to query the Team database meta-data.

    Directory \ was not found, or could not be accessed.

    None of the files or subdirectories contained within will be backed up.

    V-79-57344-5890 - The object was not found, or could not be accessed (Share point backup)."

    Thanks in advance



    I need a solution

    Hi Folks,

    does anyone also have the Issue mentioned in

    where all jobs disappear in the Console and the  Error message "The Query for the Job View failed" is noticed in the lower left corner.

    Symantec Support mentioned at least one other Customer who also has the Issue on a non English Server Version of Windows Server 2008.

    Would like to hear the Input of others.



    I need a solution

    I have Backup Exec 2010 R3, running RAWS.  I am backing up Windows 2008 R2 VM's and one Windows Exchange 2010 VM.  The backups started to run very slow this week, by that I mean they are running under 100mb per minute.  This makes them not finish on time.  I have another backup system that has the same setup.  It is not having any issues.  I have verified the jobs are the same and went menu by menu.  I have noticed that this appears to be a somewhat widespread problem.  I was hoping that someone out there had a solution.  Thank you very much.



    I need a solution

    Hello everyone,


    Please me some solution...


    We have Backup Exec 2010 R3 deployment with Central Server and multiple MMSs.

    From time to time, usually once per 2-3 days, MMSs (sometimes all, sometimes - just few of them) stop to send reports to Central Server and in Central Server console I see that MMSs appears offline. But i'm sure that they're online.


    If I stop and restart services on Central Server - MMSs will appear online again.


    Also, seems that this happenes when server got in the windows logs the following message:

    Faulting application name: beserver.exe, version: 13.0.5204.122, time stamp: 0x4eecd23b
    Faulting module name: msgq.dll, version: 13.0.5204.0, time stamp: 0x4d94cbd7
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000000000005918d
    Faulting process id: 0x%9
    Faulting application start time: 0x%10
    Faulting application path: %11
    Faulting module path: %12
    Report Id: %13 

    Please help-help!

    Thanks in advance.

    I need a solution

    The answer to this may be obvious, but I woud like your opinions. We made the decision to not make full and complete PC backups--only specific folders. As a result, we aren't backing up the Syetem State. Do we need to backup the "Shadow Copy Components"?

    I need a solution

    Backup Exec 2012 on Windows Server 2008 R2

    I have two 3TB USB drives configured in a Storage pool that I do nightly full backups on and rotate each morning.  Is there a way to configure them to automatically overwrite the oldest backup sets when it gets low on disk space?  I couldn't find anything in the settings for this.

    I need a solution


    We're evaluating a backup scenario using Backup Exec 2012 for a client and we'd like to make sure it's using the intended path. In this scenario, we'd like the backups to use the Fibre Channel link instead of the LAN link.

    What kind of configuration would I expect to make in Backup Exec 2012 to make this work?

    I've attached the schematic.


    Thanks in advance,

    I need a solution

    I cannot find anywhere that tells me how i can upgrade the firmware on my Tandburg LTO-2 through backup exec 2010 R3


    Any Ideas?


  • 10/30/12--08:09: Backup set growth
  • I need a solution


    I have a differential job. yesterday I found out that it has been about 30 gb growth on the tape incomper with a day ago, I was sure that there was nothing has been change on the folder that differential job create a backup of, so after some reserach findout the only thing that has been change was that I did add one user to securtiy group of that folder.

    my question is,

    can we configure the BE to not backup the files just becuse the security of a folder has been change? or this will heppens regardles of which attribute of a folder  has been changed?



    I need a solution

    I am currently setting up a backup for our Hyper-V clients which reside in a Clustered Shared Volume using Backup Exec 2010 R3 and am not sure about which selections I should choose.

    I can see options to select C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1, C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2, Microsoft Hyper-V HA Virtual Machines and the Quorum.  I assume I should select the Quorum but do I need to select all of the others or will this mean I will be backing up data twice?

    If anyone could point me in the right direction and maybe advise of any documentation which will help me choose the correct selections that would be great,



    I need a solution

    BE 11d on Windows 2003 SBS.

    Backup-to-disk configured to 1 TB external USB drive, with these properties:

    • Maximum size for backup-to-disk files: 4 GB
    • Checked: Allocate the maximum size for backkup-to-disk files
    • Concurrent operations: 1
    • Disk space reserve: 10 GB
    • Device settings: auto

    Media set properties:

    • Overwrite: 0 hours (no overwrite protection
    • Append: infinite - Allow Append

    Job setup:

    • Append; overwrite if no apendable media is available

    My Exchange backup is correctly creating an IMG000... folder each day (now at 25 since I started this 25 days ago). However, my file system backup created but 10 B2D... files and is overwriting them as required--even though I have used only 25% of the drive's capacity.

    Shouldn't this configuration continue to create new IMG folders and B2D files until it hits the 10 GB free space limit, then begin overwriting the old ones?

    Or maybe I should ask it this way: how can I accomplish that? I just want the backups to keep appending to the existing file as well as creating new ones, until I hit the 10 GB free space threshhold, then begin creating new backup files.

    I need a solution

    Hello together,


    I am new in this forum and i want to give some information about me.

    My name is Tobias Hertkorn and in principal I am an Oracle DBA. Me and my company support customer regarding all Oracle Database tasks.

    Now a customer of us use BackupExec 2010 as backup tool.

    We installed for this customer a Oracle Cluster 11gR2 on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3. Now our customer wants to install a BackupExec 2010 agent on this two servers to backup the complete server for getting a fast possibility to recover those servers in a disaster issue.

    I read in the specs, that the usage of BackupExec 2010 agent is not supported by symantec.

    Is this correct? Or does anybody has experience with that or better a solution of my problem.


    Thanks in advance.


    Best regards,


    I need a solution


    We are looking to utilise our SAN infrastructure to improve the speeds of our backups as they are currently running slowly across the LAN.

    Having tried to go through with the SAN SSO configuration, we discovered that the current info in the database was wiped out - Scheduled jobs/job history/media sets etc - all gone! We've now recovered back to were we were before trying out the SAN SSO config, but would still like to use it for the speed benefits.

    We have 3 buildings in a triangle shape:-

    Building 1 - Hosts a 2008 R2 server running BE 2010 R3 acting as the main backup server and 2x HP tape libraries

    Building 2 - A 4 node Hyper-V cluster all running Server 2008 R2 also. With a HP SAN.

    Building 3 - A second 4 node Hyper-V cluster also all running Server 2008 R2. With a HP SAN.

    All these devices are attached to 8Gb fibre switches that are all linked in the triangle. All Hyper-V servers can see the tape libraries.


    We first off tried using BEUtility.exe to create a New Media Server Group which contained the backup server and one of the Hyper-V nodes (only using one node for testing at the moment) and set the backup server as the Primary SAN SSO server. Then, with full Backup Exec installed on the Hyper-V server (only a trial for testing) we also used BEUtility to set the backup server as the Primary SAN SSO server. Could this be were it's gone wrong?

    After this, we looked at creating a new job and could access the Hyper-V node and list it's drives and files etc but noticed that the tape libraries had been renamed and our backup to disk folders were gone. We cancelled the test job and investigated why the data had gone instead and recovered back to our initial config.

    Were we on the right lines? The SAN SSO seems to be a tricky beast to configure? Can anyone shed any light on the best way of configuring this please? Also, should we then see any options relating to the SAN SSO when configuring a new job?


    Sorry for the long post, very confused here!

    Thanks for your time.


    I need a solution

    hi all,

    BE 2012

    i'm backing up via vCenter 5 VM's for 4 of them i'm getting the error message Backup of a virtual machine using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) completes with the following exception when GRT is enabled: "V-79-57344-38721- Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images"



    found a TECHNOTE  that this should be solved with HOTFIX 180964 but it's allready installed and all Remote Agent's are updated.


    what's strange the one server where it's working I'm able to run GRT restore's and the server has a VM icon all 4 where the exceptions is being displayed are with an windows server icon and no restore possible as it's in never backed up status, but I'm able to restore the whole .vmdk for all of 5 servers.


    any ideas guys ?




    thank you

    I need a solution



    Until recently I have had nothing but successful backups from our VM environment through BE2012, however on monday all but one of my virtual backup jobs failed with the same error;

    Backup- Backupserver
    Insufficient memory available.

    V-79-57344-33858 - A memory allocation request failed. The computer may be running low on virtual memory.

    I ran the job again during the day using SGmon to capture debug info and have the following output;

    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.678 [loops]

    stream data[DEFAULT] halted: INTERNAL ERROR
    BEREMOTE: [10/30/12 15:24:36] [2996]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.678 [ndmp\tpfmt]

    FreeFormatEnv( cur_fmt=0 )
    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.678 [loops]

    ndmphostbackupengine.cpp (2745)
    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.678 [loops]

    Notified data stream 'DEFAULT' has halted.  Reason code : 0x00000003
    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.679 [loops]

    data halted: INTERNAL ERROR
    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.679 [ndmp\ndmpcomm]

    ERROR: 16 Error: Allocating memory
    BENGINE:  [10/30/12 15:24:36] [8324]     2012-10-30T15:24:29.679 [server]

    BackupJob::Failed was called for BSD 'VMVCB::\\VirtualCenter\VCGuestVm\(DC)KDC(DC)\vm\Prod Server\Vmserver'
    BESERVER: [10/30/12 15:24:29] [5528]

    01 Server Configuration: Client removed: 21

    We are using BE 2012 SP1a with all updates applied, we are usign ESX 5.0 with all updates applied. Nothing has changed recently to cause this not to work except possibly windows updates on our servers.


    Backup server;

    Windows server 2008 R2

    Dual core 2.4 Ghz processor

    70Gb Ram

    system managed virtual memory


    Virtual center server;

    Windows server 2008 R2

    Dual core 2.4 Ghz processor

    6Gb Ram

    system managed virtual memory

    latest BE agent


    Virtual server being backud up by job;

    Windows server 2008 R2

    Dual core 3.2Ghz processor (virtual)

    6Gb Ram (virtual)

    system managed virtual memory

    latest vmtools (no VSS writer)

    latest BE agent



    Any suggestions appreciated.





  • 10/31/12--08:27: Configuration Question
  • I need a solution

    I have a customer who currently have BE2012 + dedupe option and are successfully backing up their vmware infrastructure. They want to have the data available to restore in the event of losing their primary site. They have purchased another copy of BE, dedupe and CASO. I have prepared a new VM at the DR site, installed CASO and provisioned a new dedupe store to match the existing one at the main site. My question is - what next? Do I need to install anything else at either site? I assume I need to install something else at the DR site - the managed server option on the CASO server? Also, will restores work in the event of losing the main site with this setup?

    I need a solution


    I have a client that is not ready to upgrade to BE 2012. They are currently using BE2010R3. We purchased new licensing and it came

    for BE2012. Is it possible to retor those licenses back to 2010R3? If so what steps do I need to take?

    I need a solution


    I have a client that is not ready to upgrade to BE 2012. They are currently using BE2010R3. We purchased new licensing and it came for BE2012. Is it possible to retro those licenses back to 2010R3? If so what steps do I need to take?

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